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Dear friends

DJD: Not only don't I own a Sega game product of any kind

     Heck, I don't own any Sega stuff either. And I've NEVER played any
"Sonic" game in my life.

RDB: technically the furries on StH aren't all that furry - I see no animal
     characteristics in them ala Tiny Toons...

     Neither then would be "TaleSpin", or "Omaha, the Cat Dancer", which both
feature highly anthropomorphized animals with little or no animal character-
istics. That's one particular branch of furry lit, IMHO, the other featuring
animals with little anthropomorphism living in a human world. But the serious
tone of StH, "Omaha", and "TaleSpin" are what make fans consider them furry,
     And I don't think the Tiny Toons are all that furry themselves. They're
toons first and furries second.

DJD: Not that the technology did them a heck of a lot of good. They didn't
     sweat the details (the hand jive, the story-telling technique)

     A couple of weeks back I realized that Robotnik had basically the same
scheme in the "Princess Sally" mini-series as he did in "Sonic and Sally".
But in the mini-series robot Sally came in contact only with new recruits who
did not know her well.

     Violent pics - Personally I don't believe they really exist. But I'd be
curious to see them if they did. I don't think I'll like them though,
especially if they're nothing but gruesome snuff.

     I couldn't make the first IRC meeting because I can't get on campus on
Saturdays. But the Sunday time is perfect for me. Looking forward to it.

Sincerely -

Juan F. Lara

Princess Sally -
   "As for being my boyfriend, in the past you just had to contend with
    jealousy from a certain Hedgehog ( and believe me, that's enough! ) --
    now you're going to have to deal with a rather suave rogue of a skunk!
    Good luck!"

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