sonic ideas

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 95 17:40:00 -0500

Ok here are a few ideas we could work on for the internet. If you could
work on makeing something like this let me know.

1.I wanted to find someone who could program in Pascal and posably help
make an IGM In Game Moud. for LORD Legend of the red Dragon (BBS DOOR) I
am talking about something like Furtoonia's mobious. it whould have a
knothole for good players and a robotroplis for evil. and so on

2.Also if anyone is good at graphics,Doom Levels,Sounds and so on i
wanted to get in tuch with someone who could make a Sonic DOOM wad Kinda
like Aliens TC does for doom. Graphics that whould replaces enemies and
wepons. (I don't know how we could come up with the idea of sonic useing
wepons) Sounds, and levels like Knothole and Robotroplois. and ofcoures
a DeHacked patch. I onces tryed to make a sonic sound patch using ghe
.WAV files form the FTP site but it turned into a dud.


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