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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 13:13:52 -0700 (PDT)

...please excuse the off-topic post, but I'm trying to forestall umpteen
zillion requests for the trick...

Robosonic is *very* easy to beat with Tails. Here's the trick. As soon
as you get on screen, before he even comes down, go to the right side of
the screen and start spindashing to the left (don't actually spindash,
though). The trick is, Tails is short enough that when Robosonic buzzes
its quills, he doesn't get hit. Count four hits, and on the fourth hit
roll out (Robosonic will curl into a ball after the fourth hit), then
jump back over him to the right and repeat. He'll jet into you (two more
hits), then jet away; release the spin, and you'll tag him once more.
Then start spinning for the eighth and final hit. About 15 seconds. (:3

Sonic, being taller, has to be more careful. He can get the first four
hits the same way, though he has to be far enough left that the spinning
spines don't touch him, but after that he has to get them the
old-fashioned way (spindash Robosonic while it dashes) because he's so
tall. Still, it's a lot faster to get those first four hits in quickly.

For Robobuttnik, the tactics are the same for each. Hit it in the chest
when it pulls its arms back in preparation to jump, then stand in the
corner. When the targetting cursor changes to a 'lock-on', step away far
enough for it to land, hit it in the chest again, and run away before the
arm missiles launch. Repeat in the right corner, then start from the
beginning. Twelve hits will kill it. Warning: sometimes you fall
through Robobuttnik instead of bouncing off, and I don't know why, but if
you have five or six lives stockpiled, you can take it down no trouble.

Strategies for any other Sonic boss on request. (:3

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