Sonic 27 is out

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 95 14:38:23 CDT

Yo! I finally got Sonic 27 today.

I'm not gonna review it but here's a teazer.


Sonic? A Badnik?!

On a routine recon mission, Sonic is captured and gets as case of comedy's
favorite medical affliction (amnesia). Robotnik befriends the confused
Sonic and trains him to be a Badnik! Is this the end of Knothole and the
Freedom Fighters?


Sonic-Grams info

They said the 48-page Sonic 'Triple Trouble' is going to be out in 2 weeks
but isn't that what they said last time? What the heck?

Next Month. (Issue 28) Tails solo story [countdown to his 3-part miniseries].

Also... Sally replies in the letter's page and says Geoffrey St. John is

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