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On 20 Jul 95, Robert Haynie wrote:

> There was also a "Sonic Comic" advertisement in some comic books--
> DC, MArverl, and maybe Archie, about the Game. It had almost nothing,
> as far as I know, to do with the present comic book, but was rather an
> advert for the new (then) Sonic game for the Genisis. Hmm... I wonder
> if that can be found anywhere? It described a REALLY different origin
> for both Sonic and Robotnik...
> rob

There was a Sonic Advertising Supplement in "Disney Adventures Magazine"
Volume 2 No. 1, November 1991 (the issue with Michael Jordan on the
cover). 7 pages, story & art by Francis Mao.

The story looks a lot like the early Sonic comics from Fleetway, starring
Robotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog, Flicky the bluebird, Johnnny Lightfoot the
hare, Sally Acorn the squirrel (not the Sally we know, she looks totally
different) and of course some badniks from the first Sonic game.

It tells how Sonic and Dr. Kintobor become friends, how Sonic gets his
blue color and power sneakers, the origin of the chaos emeralds and how
Kintobor is turned into the evil Robotnik due to an accident in his
laboratory. A review of this story (with totally new artwork) has been
printed in one of the Fleetway comics. (Remember my posting from February
02, 1995?)

Best wishes


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