Re: Sonic v. Free Willy: Why?

From: Brad Clark <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 18:38:07 -0700 (PDT)

> But as far as I heard, Sega shredded the contract with
> DiC (the Sonic cartoon producers) because they sold animation
> cells without Sega's permission. I am currently asking one of
> Sega's tech support people to look into the possible existance
> of a third season with Sonic. Let's all hope for the best...

        I actually wrote Sega, and DIC about this. Neither of them gave
much of an answer. Sega, just sent me the standard old form letter
saying, "we value your comments" blah...blah...blah. (If they valued my
comments they would have answered my question!)

        DIC, didn't even bother to respond. I've never had much luck at
getting responses from studios though. Both Nelvana and Hanna-Barbarra
have ignore me as well.

        Anyone care to write a letter to ABC and let 'em know what we
think? If it was really Sega's fault for the show getting cancelled,
perhaps we should all let Sega know how upset we are at them. I'm
beginning to wonder if perhaps Sega is purposely trying to hide Sonic
under the carpet....maybe becuase of Saturn? They are a video game
company after all.

        Just thought I'd share this little bit of nothingness.


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