Re: Sonic v. Free Willy: Why?

From: John W. Johnston <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 19:13:09 MDT

I believe "Free Willy" technically belongs to the Warner Brothers
(yes, and their sister, Dot). As far as I know, the WB network is
pulling out all of their cartoons for the "WB Kids Network." I
donot know if they have a Saturday Morning line-up, but if they
do, I pray they will take that 2 1/4 ton anchovy with them.
        But as far as I heard, Sega shredded the contract with
DiC (the Sonic cartoon producers) because they sold animation
cells without Sega's permission. I am currently asking one of
Sega's tech support people to look into the possible existance
of a third season with Sonic. Let's all hope for the best...

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