Re: Mecha Sonic's legs melting, and Sally in Sonic #25.

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On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Nomad wrote:

> > Before I leave, in Sonic the Hedgehog #25, sonic faces Mecha Sonic.
> > In the end of a race through a zone, Sonic pours on the speed and finishes
> > the race. Mecha Sonic tries to catch up but there is to much friction and
> > his legs melt off. Now he wasn't running, he was flying using his jet pack
> > and the jet intake in his stamach, so why'd his legs melt off due to
> > friction? It's not the heat from the jet pack, he specifically says it is
> > friction that does it. And if so, why didn't his arms melt off too?
> Has anyone have the awnser for this yet?

It could be due to the heat generated from friction with the air. Since his
legs stick out farther than his arms, they would experience the most friction
and melt first. Also, his arms are pointing directly into the airstream,
which also reduces drag and hence frictive heating, while his legs dangle
down, broadside to the wind.

Although Mecha-Sonic has titanium steel alloy skin, I would guess that his
arm and leg joints are weak spots...

> And to the Sally species debate:
> To those that
> comment on the size of Sally's tail, Antoine has no tail as far as I can
> see in the cartoon and comic. So I must ask, if Sally isn't a fox because
> of her tail, what is Antoine?

Antoine is a buffoon.

Sally wears most of her tail on her head...
Regardless of her species, I just love the way Spaz drew her in Sonic #25,
especially when she is parachuting (on pp. 19 and 21).

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