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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 02:46:05 +1000

>> Before I leave, in Sonic the Hedgehog #25, sonic faces Mecha
>> Sonic. In the end of a race through a zone, Sonic pours on the
>> speed and finishes the race. Mecha Sonic tries to catch up but
>> there is to much friction and his legs melt off. Now he wasn't
>> running, he was flying using his jet pack and the jet intake in
>> his stamach, so why'd his legs melt off due to friction? It's not
>> the heat from the jet pack, he specifically says it is friction
>> that does it. And if so, why didn't his arms melt off too?

> Has anyone have the awnser for this yet?

Ablation (a la` spacecraft reentry). Possibly Mecha's arms weren't
effected because they kept a smaller profile to the atmosphere (and
notice that it was the `shoes' that melted, not those spindly legs).

Still, does anyone have a pet theory on how an organic mixture that
is 90% water can have better heat resilience than another object
held together at the molecular level with metallic bonding?

Wow, we're all getting as bad as the Star Trek people... :)

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