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On Mon, 10 Jul 1995, Dan Drazen wrote:

> This is a recurring headache. Whereas the Archie Comix writers insist
> on making everyone age 15, the "Drood Henge" episode left the impression
> that Sally is 16. It's simply a discrepancy.

Why couldn't Sally simply have had her 16th birthday in there somewhere?

I was thinking about the meaning of the knothole village gang's names the
other day...

Sally Alicia:
Sally is the diminutive form of Sarah, which is Hebrew for "princess".
Alicia is a variation of Alice, which is from the French and Germanic,
meaning "of noble rank".

Bunnie is a shortend, diminutive form of Bernice or Berenice, which is
Greek for "bringer of victory". (Nike, or Nice, means "victory".)

Nicole is the French feminine form of Nicholas, which is from the Greek for
"victory people".

Dulcy (or Dulcie) is from the Latin for "sweet".

Miles is from the French, from Germanic for "merciful". (Miles Prower is a
particulary bad pun, IMHO. It's no wonder Tails doesn't like it.)

Antoine is the French form of Anthony, from the Latin family name Antonius.

Boomer may refer to a predilection towards explosive experiments.
Rotor is a rotating part of a machine, so it has a kind of mechanical
engineering connotation to it. Does Rotor seem to go around in circles,
or be kind of spinny?

Sonic Maurice:
Since "Sonic" literally means "pertaining to sound", this may refer
either to his speed (i.e. Mach 1), or to his big mouth. Probably both.

"Maurice" (a joke from the Archie Sonic mini-series) is French for "the Moor".
Perhaps Jaleel White had just been casted as Sonic's voice at that time, and
this is a reference to him?

I find the names of other, incidental characters to be amusing too, such
as Spelunk the mole, a miser living underground in a cave, from an early
episode of the Sonic weekday cartoon.

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