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On Mon, 10 Jul 1995, JOHN MANKOWSKI wrote:

> Ok i tryed it thismorning. It was way cool!!! I still haven't fount
> knothole yet. Maby i missed something coud i have another clue? Is it
> near the place where Robotropolis cam be seen. or is it naear that
> underground house? I am guessing it's near there but i don't know. I was
> on for maby 15 minuts. Does much action go on there. I mean does
> robotnik ever try anything? Let me know

So, you need another clue to the whereabouts of KNothole...well, your
first mistake was leaving the location where the taxi dropped you off.
That area is where the secret entrance is...look around, see anything
familiar? A treestump?...vines one could swing on? Didn't some of the
earlier sonic comics depict Knothole being underground? Ask
yourself...what direction do you use to go underground? BTW, if you read
the desc real good of the place hwere that Underground house was, you'd
see that's where Bookshire lives...ah there's no place like home. Also,
you can feel free to wander around Robotropolis, but Robotnik, wheather
he's on or not will know you've been there! ;)

As for things happening, like I said the whole MUCK is more socially
oriented, but still, I sometimes have Packbell raise some sort of
annoyance. Hope to see you around sometime, if you ever see Bookshire
about, please say hello! :)

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