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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 95 12:44:00 -0500

Ok i tryed it thismorning. It was way cool!!! I still haven't fount
knothole yet. Maby i missed something coud i have another clue? Is it
near the place where Robotropolis cam be seen. or is it naear that
underground house? I am guessing it's near there but i don't know. I was
on for maby 15 minuts. Does much action go on there. I mean does
robotnik ever try anything? Let me know

Btw: it said something about makeing your own places there. If that is
true i might try that. I will try writeing some stories sometime that
take place a year after Doomsday. and tell how Robotnik comes back from
the dead. (But not for long). And I might want to try makeing some
areas there that match the storys.

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