Mecha Sonic's legs melting and Re: Sonic#26: Princess Sally - a Weasel??

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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 21:51:44 +0100

> Before I leave, in Sonic the Hedgehog #25, sonic faces Mecha Sonic.
> In the end of a race through a zone, Sonic pours on the speed and finishes
> the race. Mecha Sonic tries to catch up but there is to much friction and
> his legs melt off. Now he wasn't running, he was flying using his jet pack
> and the jet intake in his stamach, so why'd his legs melt off due to
> friction? It's not the heat from the jet pack, he specifically says it is
> friction that does it. And if so, why didn't his arms melt off too?

        Has anyone have the awnser for this yet?

        And to the Sally species debate:

> Just because her head resembles a fox doesn't mean she is a true fox.
> Look at her tail. I don't see many foxes w/o tails. And I SERIOUSLY
> doubt she lost that. That would have been explained by now if it was.
> I'm not sure if she's a ground squirel or not...In my honest opinion,
> I think she's a cross-breed. I can't think of any other way. She does
> have the facial features of a fox, but her nose isn't as long as
> other foxes, like Antione or Tails. I really don't think any of the
> writers know what she really is, to tell you the truth. <G>

        A cross breed is believable, and a possibility. To those that
comment on the size of Sally's tail, Antoine has no tail as far as I can
see in the cartoon and comic. So I must ask, if Sally isn't a fox because
of her tail, what is Antoine?

"Boy oh boy, this sure is a mess!" - Dulcy in 'Sonic Conversion'

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