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>[NOP!]...I really don't know who Packbell is (or is he in either?).

   Oh, sorry. You're the new guy, huh? (New guy, new guy! Hee, hee!)
 Well, head over to and pick up some stories
with Commander Packbell in them. This is his profile (which is also on the
web site) in case you're interested:

Profile: 02
Name: Packbell
Species: Artificial Lifeform (humanoid)
Sex: Male simulation
Age: 8
War standing: Robotnik sympathizer
Occupation: Commander, 1st class, Robotropolis Central Command
Specialties: offensive and defensive battle strategies, robotizizing people,

pushing Snively around

Summary: Packbell is the first android in the history of Mobius to be
declared a fully functioning artificial lifeform. He possesses intelligence,

self-awareness, as well as basic emotions. He was a prototype designed by
Robotnik just after the takeover, but the fact that the android turned out
to be as smart as he was caused Robotnik to scrap the entire project.
        Since the takeover, Packbell has been personally responsible for the
location and destruction of twelve groups of rebel freedom fighters and the
consequent capture and robotization of over 400 citizens. He track record
is flawless, and he never loses. Despite having basic emotions, most
freedom fighters throughout the globe know that he never shows anyone any
        When he's not terrorizing rebels, he hangs around the Robotropolis
Command Center either goofing off or finding ways to annoy Snively. He is
considered to be arrogant and conceited. What is not well known is that,
under his loyal exterior, he waits patiently for the time when he can
overthrow Robotnik and rule Mobius himself.


   "Please, spare me your egotistical musings on your pivotal role in
history. Nothing you do here will cause the Federation to collapse or
galaxies to explode. To be blunt, you're not that important."
   -Q, Star Trek: The Next Generation

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