some rumers ansered

Date: Sun, 25 Jun 95 23:04:00 -0500

Ok i went over to my friend's house today and asked him about some of
the rumers on the net. He anserd a few he knew of but he knows less then
we do.

First off. The PC Sonic CD game was planed to be relasced at the end of
the year but it might change.

It is also beleaved that someone on the Internet made a Sonic game for
PC but ofcourse agenst sega copyright.

And finily they are more dirty sonic pictures on the net then we think.
Infact he showed me one he had (Makes me wonder). I did NOT like it one
bit. It was tails geting ready to (UHH YOU KNOW) Sonic. And he told me
that there are alot of other pictures like that on the net aswell. such
as sonic and sally (You know what)ing and other ones of sonic and tails.

As for the rest of the rumers he had no clue about.

If anyone has heard any other rummers let me know.

PS. I will try to get him to join the list but for some reason he
doesn't want to.

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