Re: Your .sig (apology)

From: <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995 12:10:46 -0700

Message posted by (Ratman) Jun 23 - 11:29 EST

>Please stop it with the off-topic posts, ok people?
>Bad enough he asked the 45 people on this list, but then you don't >have to
>reply to it. This isn't a starblazers mailing list (as much as I like
>Starblazers), and it's not nice to the people that actually want to talk
>about sonic.
>I _REALLY_ don't want to make this list moderated.

Yes, it _was_ a mistake. The message was intended to be sent to the person
whose signature it was (hence the subject: Your .sig), but it was mistakenly
addressed to the list. I take full responsibility of other people's
discomfort. Sorry.

Brian J. Irish

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