RE: sonic rumers on the net

From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 12:42:00 PDT

>1.A program that lets you play sonic CD on a CD-ROM. That sounds like
>something i whoud like to get. I don't have a SeagaCD and if that rumer
>is true then i want to get that program.

I haven't heard of this one... But see the response below for more info.

>2.A Doom WAD that changes monsters into freedem fighters. This is
>posable. And there are a number of people who don't like sonic whoud
>whoud make something like that so it is posable that there is something
>like that.

Oh dear...

>3.A Sonic game that is like the sega one but for the PC. Also posable
>but probly not leagal.

Actually, Sega is starting up a PC line, and one of the first titles they
are moving to the PC platform is Sonic CD. This was shown at the E3 Show in
LA, May 11-13, and it looked real cool running on a nice monitor (as opposed
to a poor resolution NTSC TV). I don't know when the Sega PC line will
start shipping products, but I would guess that the Sonic CD - PC game will
be available by this Christmas.

>4.Edited pictures that show sonic doing gay acts on other. I refuse to
>beleave anyone whoud stoop so low. I have hard of simaler stuff on the
>net but noone whoud do that to sonic.

Unfortunately, I've seen a few (I think some were on the Sonic FTP site),
and they aren't very good. Poor Tails!

>5.Edited sound files of sonic and tails saying sware words. Yea Right!!
>That sounds a bit hard to do on a home PC

Ummm... No... Come on, that'd be like Mickey Mouse swearing up a storm! It
just isn't done...


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