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> >Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 21:46:14 -0400
> >From: (Robert J. Repas)
> Hope you don't mind the CC to both the Sonic list and my own little
> distribution; your last comment ought to provoke a nice
> flamewar^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hdiscussion :^)

Following up the same way, since I havwe been involved here... :)

> >I was under the impression that Sally was a ground squirrel, who
> >do not need the long, bushy tails of their tree dwelling cousins
> >for balance. Hence their tails are rather short...almost bobbed.
> Except I remember seeing a Discovery Channel documentary or something on
> them, and their tails certainly weren't as short as Sally's... Maybe
> there's variation in ground squirrels or some junk...

There are about half-a-dozen to a dozen species of ground squirrels, most
of which *do not* have prominent tails. Some of them have only stubs for
tails, hence it's mistaken to think chipmunks are in the squirrel family,
even though they're similar. My reference is an Audubon (sp?) Society
guide to NA mammals....

> >>> By the way.. the concept of Antoine 'giving' his tail to Tails is
> >>> just plain goofy. I don't buy it one bit :)
> >All toons have detachable tails. Didn't you know that? :-)
> Examples? :^) (Wild takes don't count :^)) I don't remember seeing this
> on TTA, or even Bonkers (except maybe for Fall-apart Rabbit...)

The Warner Siblings.... :)

> >And as a side note...after finishing the Sally comic, I must say I'm
> >rooting for St. John and Sally. He's much better for her than Sonic,
> >who's nothing but a blue, egotistical speed merchant with delusions
> >of grandeur and a voice like Steve Urkel. :-)
> I'm sure Quozl will agree that St. John's better looking too :^)

Sonic is a misunderstood character, but oddly enough, there isn't much
known WRT the relationship between St.John and Sally, ie: *how* they fell
in love-- The comic only gives that hint right at the end with the kiss
and the diary note... And that's it.


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