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>>From: aa2043_at_freenet.lorain.oberlin.edu (Robert J. Repas)
>>And as a side note...after finishing the Sally comic, I must say I'm
>>rooting for St. John and Sally. He's much better for her than Sonic,
>>who's nothing but a blue, egotistical speed merchant with delusions
>>of grandeur and a voice like Steve Urkel. :-)

>I'm sure Quozl will agree that St. John's better looking too :^)

I have to agree here, I never did care for Sonic's personality. He's the
'Star' or 'Hero' in name only. What does he have going for him? Just
Speed and a lot of luck. Sally has all the leadership skills and the
brains (for plot reasons the TV show would give Sonic brief flashes of
insight, but they never really 'fit' Sonic)

What the problem is, Sonic's is too limited by the 'personality' that
SEGA created for the video game. Fast, blue, who 'stretched' his
personality by tapping his shoe waiting for the player to get back from
the bathroom! (that by the way was the big breakthrough that made Sonic
more of a personality than his true arch enemy..Mario!)

Now Sally and St. John are more interesting because they were created for
'plot' not game play. Even Tails is more interesting because he was more
flexable (his traits from Sonic 2 being more 'amiable' and flexable, of
course Tails could never become the 'classic' hero, at least without a lot
of growing up, but he can fit into a number of sidekick roles)

Also Sally and St. John both LOOK a lot cuter than Sonic, fur is so
much nicer than 'glumby cartoon quills' ...Way past! :-)


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