Run with the Fox, Part 3

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Run with the Fox
A Sonic the Hedgehog Story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 3.

One week later.

     Tolouse lay on his bed, thinking about what had occured during the days
since Sally had told him he was accepted as a Freedom Fighter. He had been
told many things. He had seen how the Freedom Fighters and the rest of the
villagers lived and worked. And, he was finding a place for himself...

* * *

     ...A Freedom Fighter leaves no detail unnoticed...

     ...Sonic and Tolouse walked through the forest. "Remember, Tolouse, use
your eyes, ears, nose, everything. But don't start using one so much that you
ignore all the others. You're gonna hafta rely on all of them all the time..."

     ..."Found her!"
     Sonic ran up beside him. "Good work, Tolouse!"
     Sally got up from her hiding place. "Yes, good work. Tell me, Tolouse,
how did you find me? I was completely hidden from view."
     "I saw where you had stepped on leaves, and then when I was close, I
noticed your scent."
     Sonic said, "There, you see? You hafta use all the senses all the time.
You did great!"
     Tolouse smiled, proud...

     ...A Freedom Fighter does not ignore any possible sign of danger...

     ...Tails jumped. "Ah! What is that?"
     Sonic had suggested that Tolouse and Tails spend some time getting to know
each other. What Tolouse didn't know was that Sonic and Tails also had a plan
of their own, and this was another test for Tolouse.
     Tolouse looked in the direction that the noise was coming from, and was a
little scared himself. He thought that perhaps it was just a forest animal,
but his life had taught him never to be too sure of anything. In his old
village, everybody would have been underground by now.
     He looked at Tails, and tried to sound confident. "Uh...wait here Tails.
I'll check it out..."
     Tolouse began to cautiously approach the area of the noise...but then he
stopped himself...

     ...A Freedom Fighter never puts anybody at unnecessary risk...

     ...Wrong answer, Tolouse, he thought to himself. Looking at Tails again,
he said, "Come on. It's probably nothing, but I don't really know. We'll go
back and tell the others."
     Suddenly, a blue streak broke out of the forest from where the noise had
occured, and stopped right in front of Tolouse and Tails. The streak formed
itself into Sonic, who stood there smirking. Tolouse jumped in surprise, and
Tails giggled. "Right answer, Tolouse," Sonic said. "You win again!"
     "So that was...aww, I should've known!"
     Tails piped up, "But you didn't know, Tolouse. You can't take chances
when you are with somebody else. Right, Sonic?"
     Sonic gave Tails a high-five. "Right, big guy!"
     "Advice that you should follow yourself, Sonic Hedgehog."
     All three turned around to see Sally.
     "Aww, Sal, I never take any chances. I always know what I'm doing."
     Sally rolled her eyes, and said, chuckling, "Of course you do."
     Tails giggled. Sonic shrugged and said, "Come on, big guy, race you
     "Okay, Sonic," and they were off in a blur of legs and tails, while Sally
and Tolouse decided not to try and keep up as they walked back to the

     ...Most importantly, a Freedom Fighter stays calm in the face of danger...

     ...Tolouse and Sonic sat in the look-out post the Freedom Fighters had
constructed near the southern edge of the Great Forest. Sonic handed a pair of
binoculars to Tolouse.
     "You see that?"
     Tolouse looked through the binoculars at the horizon. Through them, the
city came into detail, and he shivered. "Yes."
     "Robotropolis, where Ro-butt-nik lives. Pretty scary just to look at,
isn't it?"
     "Yeah, it is."
     "Well, you can't stay scared, bud. Some day you are going to be with us
on a mission there, and you're gonna hafta make yourself stay unscared.
     Tolouse looked at the horizon, the city a small dot once again to his un-
aided eyes. "Yes, I understand."
     "Good. Now, how do you like it up here?"
     "What, up here in the tree? It's okay, I guess."
     "Glad you like it! That's your first mission: you have sentry duty
     Sonic chuckled. "Like Sally would say, I'm just full of surprises."
     Tolouse look bewildered. "Uh, tonight?"
     Sonic laughed. "Don't worry, all you gotta do is stay up and watch. If
you see anything bad looking, just use this box to call Sally." Sonic handed
Tolouse a com-link. "Think you'll be okay?"
     "Yeah, I guess. Just wish I had known a little ahead of time."
     Sonic laughed again. "I told you you were in for an adventure. And
adventures don't keep schedules." As he started to climb down, he said. "Oh,
Tolouse, I'll be back to check up on ya. Don't fall asleep!"...

* * *

     A knock sounded on Tolouse's door. When Tolouse opened it, he saw Sonic
standing there. "Hi, Sonic. What's up?"
     Sonic looked him in the eye and said, "We have a mission, bud."

to be continued

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