Run with the Fox, Part 4

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Run with the Fox
A Sonic the Hedgehog Story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 4.

     The Freedom Fighters had to choose their missions carefully. They
didn't have the supplies nor the people to pursue a war with reckless
abandon, and because each mission involved a huge amount of risk, they
had to make sure that what would occur if they were successful was worth
it. If they were successful.
     A while back, Bookshire and Rotor had managed to force a link to
the Robotropolis Main Computer Core, but even with that source of
information, they had to be cautious. Packbell, Robotnik's android
commander, knew of the link, and was constantly planting false
information in the computer files, hoping to trap the Freedom Fighters.
It was false information that had led to a failed mission where Bunnie
was partially roboticized. That was not something the Freedom Fighters
wanted to have happen again.
     Now, however, there was enough reliable information to be had, and
Sally decided it was time for another mission.

     That evening, all who would be involved with the mission were
gathered in Sally's hut to go over what would take place. There was
Sally, Sonic, Bookshire, Bunnie...and Tolouse.
     Sonic and Tolouse were the last ones to appear. As they stepped
through the doorway, Tolouse saw the somber expression on everybody's
face, and he knew it was for real this time. He sat down in a chair
offered to him, breathing deeply in an attempt to calm his nerves.
Sonic sat next to him, and then the room quieted as Sally got up to give
the details of the mission.
     She set Nicole down on the table and said, "Nicole, display the
coolant treatment plant."
     The small computer beeped in reply, and soon a holographic
projection of one of Robotnik's city structures was floating in front of
the gathering.
     Sally stood beside it. "According to information Bookshire was
able to retrieve, all of Robotnik's factories use a coolant system to
keep the machines from overheating. However, the coolant formula that
he uses is very unstable, and must be constantly recycled. Here," Sally
pointed to the hologram, "is where that takes place. If we succeed in
disabling the treatment plant, all of Robotnik's factories will be off
line, until he gets the plant repaired or rebuilt. This means there
will be less opportunity for him to search for Knothole and other forest
refugees, which means we have succeeded in buying valuable time." She
hesitated before saying softly, "Time that could quite possibly allow us
to find a way to beat him once and for all."
     She cleared her throat and continued in a normal voice. "The plant
follows a schedule. Every day of the week coolant is brought in from
different parts of the city for treatment and recycling. We've found
out that many of the factories that normally have their coolant recycled
tomorrow are undergoing reconstruction, so this is our best opportunity
to disable the plant.
     "Now, here's the plan: I will see to any security measures that
need taking care of, and Tolouse will be with me, standing guard and
helping if necessary. Once I give an okay, Sonic and Bunnie will go
inside and plant the explosives. Any questions?"
     There were none.
     "Okay. Sonic, Bunnie, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that even
though the plant won't be as busy as normal, there will still be worker-
bots and Swat-bots all throughout the plant. Please be careful. And,
Tolouse..." Sally smiled. "This will be your first time going with us
to Robotropolis. Are you ready?"
     Tolouse tried to remember a time when he felt more scared, and he
did. He had been four years old, and he and his mother were fleeing
Mobotropolis. But, this was what he was here for. "Yes. I am."
     Sally nodded. "Good. Okay, everybody, try and get some sleep.
We...have a long day set for tomorrow. Good night."
     They all got up and gave their polite good-byes. As Tolouse
approached the door, he was tapped on the shoulder. He turned around,
and saw Sonic. "Well, bud, this is it. How ya feelin'?"
     Tolouse was not going to lie. "Scared as heck."
     Sonic nodded. "You'd be crazy not to. Don't worry too much,
though. After all," Sonic elbowed Tolouse's side, "you got the *easy*
part. Just stand beside Sally and look around."
     Tolouse swallowed, trying not to sound too uncertain. "Okay. I'll
do my best."
     "That's the spirit, bud. Okay, go home, get some rest. Big day
tomorrow." Sonic waved good night, and Tolouse waved in return.

     Tolouse spent most of the night lieing in bed, wide awake, thinking
of his mother and the rest of the underground villagers, thinking of his
new friends at Knothole, and thinking of tomorrow's mission.
     This is it. Here we go...

* * *

     Early the next morning, the mission began. Sonic did his usual
service as transportation, and soon they were all standing in the junk
yards outside of Robotropolis. After that, they walked towards the
treatment plant. Soon, the plant was towering above them.
     Sally handed Sonic and Bunnie com-links and pointed to the rubble
of a collapsed building. "You two hide over there until while I figure
out a way in. Tolouse, follow me."
     Sally spent the next few minutes looking over the outside of the
structure, hoping to find a way in that would allow for the least amount
of tinkering with the security systems. Tolouse followed closely, ready
to do anything he was told.

* * *

     Dr. Ivo Robotnik sat in his command chair, drumming his fingers as
if he were bored. Snively, of course, knew better. Whenever he saw
Robotnik like this, it was usually soon followed by Robotnik jumping out
of his chair as if struck by some great inspiration, and soon yet
another factory or another technologically-wonderful toy or another
fearce weapon to be used against the Freedom Fighters was being built.
Well, Snively thought to himself with sarcasm, the old goon will be
*quite* happy with this latest development.
     "What is it, Snively?"
     "I am pleased to report, sir, that the factories you requested
additions to..."
     "Yes?" Robotnik interrupted, leaning forward.
     "They have been finished ahead of schedule, sir."
     Robotnik stood up, excitement coursing through him. "That is
wonderful news, Snively. Well, get them running! Establish the links
to the power generators, the water plants, the coolant plant..."
     "Preparations are being made, sir," said Snively, feeling more
arrogant with each passing moment. As if *I* need to be told how to run
these things...
     "Excellent, Snively," Robotnik said, rubbing his hands together.
"This is turning out to be a fine day..." He looked at Snively. "Well?
Carry on!"
     "Yes, sir." Snively turned on his heel and walked out of the room.

* * *

     Tolouse was hiding in the rubble, keeping his eye on the treatment
plant and the area surrounding it. Sally had found a way in, and now,
Sonic and Bunnie were somewhere inside, while Sally stood watch near
their make-shift entrance. Provided that all went as planned, the only
thing left for Tolouse to do was to wait until all three of them
returned to the rubble. Of course, it was also his mission to warn them
should anything approach the plant, even though there was not supposed
to be activity until later in the day.
     Tolouse yawned and rubbed his eyes. When he opened them again,
again, he saw three tankers making their way to the plant.
     "Oh, gods!"
     He quickly pulled out his com-link and said into it, "Guys, there's
some tankers coming to the plant! They're coming from the..." Tolouse
paused to look around and remember his directions. He never got a
chance to decide on the right one.
     "FREEZE, PRISONER!" Tolouse heard a robotic voice say. He spun
around and saw a Swat-bot holding a laser rifle to his head. He froze,
the com-link slipping out of his hand and clattering on the concrete
     The Swat-bot called to another bot, and soon Tolouse was being
escorted to the prison block.
     The com-link left behind came to life.
     "Tolouse, repeat that...Tolouse?...oh gods, Tolouse...? Bunnie,
Sonic, abort the mission. Let's get out of here!"

to be continued

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