Run with the Fox, Part 2

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Run with the Fox
A Sonic the Hedgehog Story
by Kris Kelley

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Part 2.

     Tolouse walked slowly over to Sally's hut, anxious. When he got to the
door, he took one last look at the village that was Knothole. He sighed and
said to himself, "When I leave this hut, I'll either be a Freedom Fighter ...or
I won't ever come back." Then, just before turning around and knocking on the
door, he breathed deeply and said, "Well, it won't be because I didn't try. I
am *not* going to mess this up!"
     Taking one last deep breath, he knocked on the door.
     "Come in," said a pleasant voice. He did.
     Sally looked up from where she was seated. "Tolouse. Sit down." He did.
     For a few minutes there was silence, and Tolouse's heart pounded against
his chest. But he made himself keep still, and he locked his gaze with
Sally's. I am *not* going to mess this up! Finally, Sally spoke.

[[Author's note: Tolouse has been sworn to secrecy about the conversation that
took place between him and Sally. Therefore, this story has been edited for
the public. Sorry :-).]]

     Sally looked at Tolouse once again, and then smiled, very faintly so
Tolouse would not notice. Then, she got up and looked out the window.
"Tolouse, do me a favor. You must promise not to tell anyone about these
questions or your answers."
     Tolouse nodded. "I promise."
     Sally turned back around. "Can you, on oath as a Freedom Fighter?"
     Tolouse's eyes shot up at her.
     Sally chuckled. "Well, if you're going to be a Freedom Fighter, prove to
me that I can trust you like one!"
     Tolouse got up and stood tall. "Princess Sally, I promise you that I will
not tell anyone about your questions."
     Sally smiled, and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Welcome aboard,
     Tolouse's mind flew in one thousand different directions at once, and his
body threatened to do the same, but he held his composure and said, "Thank you,
     Sally chuckled again. "Please, like I told Sonic, just refer to me as
'Sally'. You see, the reason I want you to not say anything is so I can use
these questions again, with other potential Freedom Fighters. Understand what
I mean?"
     Tolouse nodded. "I do."
     "Good. Now, do me another favor will you? Help me play a little joke on
     Tolouse blinked. "A joke?"
     Sally giggled. "Well, even I can have a little fun every once in a while,
especially where that hedgehog is concerned." Sally grinned. "Will you help
     "Sure, I guess. What do I do?"
     "Stay here while I walk out and tell him that I've decided you should not
be a Freedom Fighter. Then, I'll let him come in, and you play your part.
Then we'll spring it on him together!"
     Tolouse thought about it. "He...won't mind...?"
     Sally giggled again. "That hedgehog is always playing jokes on people.
He'll just be getting a dose of his own medicine."
     "Uh, okay. I can do that."
     Sally smiled. "Thank you. Just wait here, okay?" and she was out the

     Right as the door closed, a loud "YES!!" could have been heard within the
walls of Sally's hut.

* * *

     "You did, huh?"
     "I am sorry, Sonic, but I think he took it well. I told him he was
welcome to stay at Knothole, but I just don't think he's ready to be a Freedom
Fighter yet."
     Sonic shook his head, but said nothing.
     Sally spoke up. "Why don't you go and talk to him? I'm sure he could use
the company."
     "I guess," Sonic said, and walked towards Sally's hut. He didn't hear
Sally's faint giggle coming from behind him.

* * *

     Tolouse looked up as Sonic came in, and did his best to hide his
excitement. He got up and pretended to look wistfully out the window.
     "Hey, bud. Sally, uh, told me."
     "I guess," Tolouse said, making sure to put a note of sadness in his
     "C'mon, cheer up, Tolly! You can stay here, and someday, maybe..."
     Oh, I can't hold on any longer! But right as Tolouse turned around, Sally
entered the hut.
     "Gotcha, Sonic," she said, and giggled.
     "Huh?" Sonic turned to Tolouse, confused. Tolouse burst out laughing.
     Sonic turned back to Sally, more confused. "But I thought...hey! You
tricked me!"
     "That I did, Sonic," Sally said. She looked at Tolouse. "Sonic, meet our
newest Freedom Fighter."
     Sonic looked at Tolouse, who was beaming with pride. "All right!!"

* * *

     Later that day, Sonic and Tolouse sat under a tree, talking about
themselves and listening to the wind rustling the leaves.
     Sonic looked over at Tolouse and smiled. "You're in, bud."
     Tolouse sighed. "I'm in." Tears of joy once again began to well in his
     Sonic couldn't take such a display of emotion. "Hey, ease up!" he said.
Finally, he got up and stretched. "Come on. Sally and I are gonna talk to you
tomorrow about what we do. But first thing's first. We gotta get you some
place to live, and I want ya to meet a few people!" He thought for a moment,
then started back towards the village. "Follow me, I know just where you can
stay. Si's old place!"
     Sonic stopped right when the name 'Si' left his lips, and he remembered
what Sally had warned about failed missions. He sighed as his mind went back
to a couple of months ago, when such a mission had resulted in the loss of a
friend. "Tolouse?"
     "Yes, Sonic?"
     He studied Tolouse once again. "This really what you want?"
     Tolouse felt more certain with each passing second. "Yes, Sonic. I've
waited my whole life for this."
     Sonic saw the look of certainty in Tolouse's eyes, and his spirits lifted
again. "Well that's good, bud, 'cuz you're gonna be in for quite an adventure!
Let's go!"

to be continued

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