Run with the Fox, Part 1

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Run with the Fox
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

This story is protected by copyright laws. Feel free to distribute this
story, but the author does not allow any unauthorized alteration of the
story or distribution for profit.

Part 1.

     Now the season, now the question
     Time to breathe a moment's grace
     For the hunter, and the hunted
     Take the time to break the pace!

     Are you hopeful, are you haunted
     By the Ghost of Christmas Past?
     Face the future undaunted
     Step aside or take your chance!

* * *

     "So you want to be a Freedom Fighter, huh?"
     "Yes. I do."

     Sonic studied Tolouse, looking him up and down. Tolouse stood very
still, not knowing how and if he should move. Suddenly, Sonic smiled
and slapped him on the back, surprising Tolouse.
     Sonic laughed. "I like ya, bud! I don't know why yet, but I like
ya! So, how'd you know about us?"
     That got Tolouse talking, and he spoke rapidly. "We had a radio,
and we heard talk, and I decided that I should find you, and---"
     "Whoa, slow down there, bud!" Sonic interrupted. "Why don't you
start from a place I can understand. Like the beginning!"
     Tolouse and Sonic sat down on the forest floor, and Tolouse told as
best as he could what had happened. Sonic listened, seeing the fox move
from tears to anger, hearing his voice move from cracking with sorrow to
iron-cold with determination.
     Then, the story was over. Tolouse sat pawing the ground, and Sonic
looked at him. Sonic then smiled to himself. I just know he'd make a
great Freedom Fighter, he thought.
     Tolouse finally broke the silence with a question he hesitated to
ask. "So. Will you let me join?"
     Sonic stood up. "Well..." Sonic wanted to say yes, but he knew he
better check with a certain someone, first. He studied Tolouse for a
second more, and made certain his earlier thoughts. "C'mon, get up,
     Tolouse got up, a look of hope on his face.
     "Here, you better let me carry you. We'll get there faster."
     Tolouse look confused. "Huh? Faster...?"
     Sonic smirked, holding his hands out. "You bet! Come on!"
     Tolouse let Sonic pick him up. "Where're we going?"
     "Knothole! Hang on!" Sonic began building momentum.
     "Hang on? Hang on to wha---"
     Tolouse's last question changed to a scream in utter surprise and a
grip for dear life as he experienced his first ride from Sonic the

* * *

     Sally heard a knock, and got up from her seat, setting Nicole down
on a table. She opened the door and saw a familiar hedgehog with a
familiar smirk on his face, and an unfamiliar fox who looked like his
life had just flashed before his eyes.
     "Hey, Sally! I've got somebody for you to meet. This is Tolouse."
     Tolouse caught his breath and nodded politely. "Hello."
     Sally returned a polite "Hello," and asked Sonic to step inside.
"Who is he?"
     "I found him in the forest, where he'd been following Bookshire.
Listen, I think you should talk to him."
     Sally remembered Bookshire's earlier visit, and figured this must
be the results of Sonic's search. "Uh-huh," she said, somewhat curious.
"And why is that?"
     "He wants to join us. Hear 'im out." Before Sally could reply,
Sonic motioned Tolouse inside the hut. Tolouse stepped in, a little
     "Tolouse, this is Sally," Sonic pretended to clear his throat and
then said with a deeper voice, "Princess of the House of Acorn!" Sonic
chuckled, and Tolouse blinked in astonishment.
     Sally dismissed the grand title. "Please, Sonic, you know I'm just
'Sally' here." Then, she looked at Tolouse, who looked at Sonic as if
for a cue.
     "Tell her what you told me, Tolouse." He then walked towards the
door. "I'll be runnin' around outside."
     When he closed the door, Sally turned and looked at Tolouse again.
"So, your name is Tolouse?"
     Tolouse spoke as confidently as he could. "Yes. I want to join
the Freedom Fighters."
     This was not the first time Sally had heard this. "I see. Why do
you wish to join?"
     Tolouse told her the story he had told Sonic earlier that morning.

* * *

     Tolouse paced about in Sonic's hut, wondering what they could be
saying. What if they won't let me join? he thought. They have to!
They just have to!

     Sonic and Sally continued talking in Sally's hut. Sonic was
convinced that Tolouse could help in the cause. Sally wasn't so sure.
     "Sonic, I sympathize with him completely. I've lost my father too,
you know. But we've got quite a few in Knothole asking to go on
missions already, and you know we can't just take anybody. Does he even
realize what can happen if a mission fails?"
     "I think he does, Sal. Besides, there aren't many people I know
that seem as sure about it than he is. Most of them I already call
Freedom Fighters!"
     Sally sighed. "Well, what can he contribute? You've got speed,
Bunnie has strength, Antoine---"
     Sonic smirked at the recent addition to the Freedom Fighters.
"Yeah, why'd we pick him, anyway?"
     Sally sighed. "He's been here as long as we have, and he's studied
all the military strategy books and files we could find. He comes up
with a good idea every now and then, you know."
     "Sure. About as often as Rotor cleans his equipment shed!" Sonic
snickered at his own joke. "Too cool, too cool."
     "Sonic, I'm serious. Every person you and I pick has something to
give to the cause, and they know what they face. Are you sure Tolouse
is up to that?"
     For a rare moment, Sonic became as serious as Sally was. "Sally, I
think he is. But you know something else? I don't think he's really
planned for anything else. Think about it. He's spent half his life
thinking about it, and wandered around in the forest for three weeks
trying to find us. He'd still be out there if he hadn't've seen
Bookshire." Sonic's and Sally's eyes met. "I'd hate to be the one to
tell him no."
     Sally sighed, still uncertain.
     "C'mon, Sal! I'll take responsibility for him."
     Sally couldn't help but laugh. "Oh you will, hmm?"
     Sonic brightened up. "You betcha!"
     "That would be a first!"
     "Hey! So, will you let him?"

* * *

     Tolouse was sitting on Sonic's bed when he heard the door open. He
quickly got up and anxiously asked, "So?"
     Sonic looked at Tolouse, his face revealing nothing. "Sally wants
to see you again."

to be continued

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