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okokok...I can see nobody else has these McDonald's toys (of which
I have SEVERAL of each). :)
The first promotional was FOUR toys.
SONIC: The Sonic toy had Sonic on a fireball and you could launch
  him off from it.
TAILS: The Tails toy was a simple handheld launcher with a flat
  picture of tails on a rotary (though four-tailed) tail shaped
  helicopter deal. :)
KNUCKLES: The Knuckles toy was a whirlwind toy you pushed/pulled
  along a tabletop and watched Knuckles spin as you moved it.
roBUTTnik: The BUTTnik toy looked exactly like the weekday
  syndicated version of ol' BUTTnik on his hover thingy. When
  it moved, it would bump along walls and move all over the place
  bumping into walls.
The SECOND promotional was ONE of twelve different toys McD's had,
but there was only ONE of those twelve related to Sonic.
The toy looks exactly like a purple/pinkish television with a
dark purple back end to it. On top of the television is a black
NEW Sega Genesis console with a 3-button controller.
As you moved the television (which has wheels like a train underneath
and train hitches to attach to the other 12 toys in this series on
both ends of the TV), the picture in the TV shoed a pic of Sonic
running (with a birthday hat on), then shows Tails (also with a B-day
hat on), then shows an angry weekday afternoon syndicated show version
on BUTTnik rchasin' after 'em. :)
Anywayz, guys. Hopes this helps. I got so many Sonic thingies in
here I don't even remember what to TELL you guys I have. :)

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