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I mentioned not long ago that I got the finale to the Princess Sally
miniseries. I finally brought it with me so now I can type up a summary.


Credits credits! Love them credits!

Cover: Art Mawhinney and D'Agostino
 ( Cover colors by 'Heroic Age Colors' )
Script: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders
Pencils: Art Mawhinney
Inks: Rich Koslowski
Letters: Mindy Eisman
Colors: Barry Grossman
Editor: Scott Fulop
Managing Director: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Cheif: Richard Goldwater (as always)

( Same credits as in part II... not sure about part I though )

Spoilers ahead...
[warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning]

Quick Recap of Parts O, I and II
( I call the prelude.. found in a Sonic issue part 0 )

( Part 0 )
While on a mission to destroy an energy substation alone, Sally runs into
'Former Secret Agent Geoffery St. John' [skunk]'.

( Part I )
St. John joins Sally and her group of 'freedom fighter trainees'.
( Hamlin [pig], Penelope [platypus], Arlo [armadillo], Dylan [porcupine?] )
The plan: Knock out two more energy substations and that 'should' cripple
Robotnik's defensive net. The trainees don't like St. John's attitude
(especially Hamlin) but Sally seems to have complete confidence in him.
All six work together to destroy the 2nd substation.

At the end of Part I however... we see St. John wander off while everyone
is asleep... 'teleport' to a laboratory somewhere, and look what appears
to be a duplicate of Sally in a chamber.

( Part II )
While hang-gliding in to the third substation, Arlo's glider is shot and
he crashes in the trees. Penelope stays with him while the others go to
the substation. They succeed in destroying it but find can't find Arlo
or Penelope when they return (no sign of trouble and no tracks)... The go
back to camp hoping their missing comrades will either be there or will
somehow show up. After a few hours there's still no sign of them.

Shortly before dawn, while the others are asleep, St. John takes Sally
(asleep) with him, swaps her with the other Sally, and contacts Robotnik
telling of his success.

The next morning, with the 3 substations down and the defenses supposedly
crippled, Sally (the other Sally that is), Hamlin, and Dylan begin their
raid on Robotropolis (Hamlin wonders where St. John is but Sally says he's
scouting ahead. Meanwhile, St. John brings Sally (in the container) to
Robotnik. Robotnik seems confident the others are falling for his trap.


( Part III )

And now for the Conclusion of 'Deadliest of the Species'

Sally, Hamlin, and Dylan are fighting their way into Robotropolis with their
paint-guns and grenades (blinding the SWATBots). Dylan's believes that
attacking at half-strength isn't wise yet they press on. Hamlin nearly
falls from a collapsing catwalk but Sally rescues him.

The eventually reach their objective, break down the doors, and find...
Robotnik, St. John, and Sally (in the container). Hamlin realizes Geffory
must be a traiter so he jumps him. Sally breaks it up and says she and
St. John are on the same side... The jig is up!

Robotnik announces that Sally is an Auto-Automaton (a perfect robot
duplicate in every way) and that there was NO weakness in the defense
system. With the first Auto-Automaton successful his masterplan is to
replace key members of the freedom fighters (i.e. we see Auto-Automatons
of Sonic and Tails being built) Robotnik also plans to roboticize Sally
(the one in the container which St. John brought).

Robotnik begins the roboticization process but the chamber blows up!
A "feedback loop" occurred. Something which is impossible unless... the
subject is ALREADY a robot. He tried to robotizice the Auto-Automaton
and the REAL Sally was with Dylan and Hamlin!.

Sally tries to 'arrest' Robotnik, but he had a backup plan. Large
Stealth'Bots begin coming out of the walls and capture the freedom fighters.
( Its interesting to note that you could see outlines of the Stealth'Bots
5 pages back when the freedom fighters first entered ). St. John clicks
on a remote control and a vehicle burrows its way up from the floor!

Out pop Penelope, Arlo, and three 'moles' from the vehicle. They help free
Sally, Dylan and Hamlin (more paint-guns). Robotnik however, manages to
activate a 30 second self-destruct sequence and slides down an escape chute.

With the seconds ticking away, Sally and the others all head to the
Vehicle Maintenance area and grab saucer-shaped air-cars ( from Hangar 18..
haw haw ) and 'Shooom!' out of there with no time to spare.

With everyone back at the base, Sally gives Hamlin, Penelope, Arlo, and Dylan
Battlefield Commissions and promotes them to full-fledged Freedom Fighters.

But.. How did all this happen??? Afterwards Sally explains:

The FIRST 'Sally Switch' occurred right at the beginning of Part I shortly
after meeting St. John. St. John was really the leader of the 'Rebel
Underground' and acted as a double agent in order to gain Robotnik's trust
and activate the robot duplicate prematurely in order to find out what its
plans were. It was the Auto-Automaton Sally which helped attack the 2nd
and 3rd substations. The Auto-Automaton was such a good copy that it gave
orders, made hard choices, and even grieved for missing comrades. There
were TWO differences though:

  (1) Robot Sally wore a Purple vest while the real one wore blue.
  (2) Robot Sally referred to St. John as "Geoffrey" while the real
      Sally referred to him as "Mister Saint John".

The SECOND 'Sally Switch' was done in Part II so Robotnik could see it.
Robotnik (as well as most readers) thought that this was the first and
only switch.

And what about Arlo and Penelope?

They were taken away by the Rebel Underground moles which literally came
up from underground. St. John's Rebel Underground were also ment to be a
'Safety Net' in case something unexpected came up.

The story ends with Sally trying to convince Geoffery to come with her to
Knothole. Geoffery declines the offer because the Rebel Underground still
need him. He does give her a passionate goodbye kiss though. (Yo Sonic!
Watch out!)


This is definitely one of the most complicated story Archie's 'Sonic' group
has ever come up with. Congrats Archie Crew... I really enjoyed it!

==== SallyGrams ====

Horace Hawkins (14) wishes Sally a Happy Valentine's Day. He also says
he'd like to be her boyfriend.

Editor Scott Fulop asks if you'd like to see a montly Princess Sally comic...
If so, send a postcard with the printed words:

  Give Me Princess Sally.

And send it to:
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Also look for 'Sonic & Knuckles 48-page Special #1' coming in May!


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