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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 95 19:37:42 CDT

Eep. For a while I thought this mailing list was dying but it seems to have
picked up again.


Yeah.. I know.. Tails is cute in all (in hff.gif) but my favotire picture
at Rat's site has to be 'sally.jpg' Thanks Mike for providing that.

I was at the mall and again saw plush Sonics and Tails. I'm rather
disappointed at how Plush Tails turned out and so far haven't gotten one.
I got the plush Sonic though. I think its the exact same brand as in the
'sondoll.gif' (I've seen at least three different version of plush Sonic).

Didn't someone say a plush Knuckles was planned? (I never heard plans for
a plush Sally... I'd like to see one though)

Speaking of things I'd like to see...


Screen Shots I'd Like To See:
  I think the final scene where Sonic (and/or Tails and/or Knuckes) jumping
toward the screen [from all Sonic games that I know of] might make a good
JPEGs. If I had the equipment to do that kind of stuff I'd probably make
JPEGs of those scenes myself :)

AT&T "You Will" Devices I'd Like to See.
  Ever see that AT&T "You Will" commercial with the little computer-dog
'assistant' living in that woman's computer? It might be fun to have
something like that but with Sonic and the rest of the Freedom Fighters.
You could use different Freedom Fighters for different tasks (and if one's
busy another would take his/her place). If you tried checking up on 'Sonic'
while he was having trouble with your request the system might show 'Sonic'
having a hard time on a mission dealing with Swatbots or something. Sonic
might make some snide comments if he had to deal with a computer using
'Mario Brothers' or other Nintendo characters for its 'assistants'. (Of
course.. what happens if he deals with a computer which ALSO uses Sonic &
Crew for its agents?)
  Just a silly idea I came up with not long ago... but who knows. By 2005
it might be commonplace.

 When asked.. "What do you want to see in the next 'Sonic' game?"
 James Sime replied, "Thats easy, I want ...
                     'The Sonic Friends Network with Dionne Robotnik'"

PS. ^^^^^
Um.. Mike Wallis? Ya think Sega might consider a game like this?...
Hrm.. Didn't think so.

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