RE: jpegs

From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 14:53:00 PDT

>So who says he can't be both at the same time? Personally, I think he
>looks very cute when he punches his fist up at the end of a level (in
>Sonic 3 & Knuckles), or clings desperately to a pole as water sweeps by,
>or gets bored and yaaaaaaawns (Sonic could probably fit his whole fist in
>there!), or... well. (:3 I think, though, that you should have done
>something more visually interesting for Super Tails; maybe for Sonic 4
>you can give him Do Not Taunt fur? (:3

That artwork is actually based upon the Japanese Tails model.

He *is* cute, and cool. {grin} That's why he's such a great character! Of
course, I don't need you tell you guys that, do I... :)


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