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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 11:05:40 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 4 Apr 1995, Robert Haynie wrote:

> I'm a bit uncertain. I getmy Email on -- get this-- a dial-in to a
> Wildcat bbs that can access the internet. Now, when I see an
> interesting mail message come across on the newsgroup, I'm not certain
> if I can reply directly-- since the messages all come from other sites
> than Anyone know if I have to forward any replies, or can
> I just reply to the message, expecting it to get to sard?

At least one other person here reads the Sonic list on a BBS, so you're
not alone.

If you look at the headers of the messages you get, you'll see a From:
field (the person who posted) and a Reply To: field (the mailing list).
Which address your reply goes to depends upon your mail software. Some
programs only use the From: field, which is not good because it's more
likely to be wrong. Other programs only use the Reply To: field. IMO,
the better-designed programs will show you both addresses and ask which
one you want the reply sent to. This way, if both addresses are correct,
it's easier to reply to the list or directly to the poster according to
your preference.

You can always use the Enter a new message command instead of the Reply
command. It's less convenient, but does ensure your reply goes to the
address you intended.

Ask your SysOp if you need more help with getting your replies out.
> OOT: I finally gotm STH:The Comic #s 21-23, and PS is easily one of
> the best artists that they've gotten so far. I'm just waiting for his
> rendition of Bunnie. THAT's worth waiting for...

I got my #23 yesterday, but I've not written up a summary for it yet. It
says PS#3 is out now, but I've not received it nor have I seen it in my
local stores. So far, only one of my local stores has PS#2 now -- and
one store still has a lot of copies of the "In Your Face" special.

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