Just a bit uncertain...

From: Robert Haynie <rhaynie_at_jaguar.ac.edu>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 22:56:38 GMT

    I'm a bit uncertain. I getmy Email on -- get this-- a dial-in to a
Wildcat bbs that can access the internet. Now, when I see an
interesting mail message come across on the newsgroup, I'm not certain
if I can reply directly-- since the messages all come from other sites
than sard.mv.net. Anyone know if I have to forward any replies, or can
I just reply to the message, expecting it to get to sard?

    OOT: I finally gotm STH:The Comic #s 21-23, and PS is easily one of
the best artists that they've gotten so far. I'm just waiting for his
rendition of Bunnie. THAT's worth waiting for...


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