Re: Just a bit uncertain...

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 1995 21:44:18 CDT

> I got my #23 yesterday, but I've not written up a summary for it yet. It
> says PS#3 is out now, but I've not received it nor have I seen it in my
> local stores. So far, only one of my local stores has PS#2 now -- and
> one store still has a lot of copies of the "In Your Face" special.

Hee hee. I just found PS#3 at the comic shop today.

If I had it with me now I'd type up a summary myself [I'm suprised.. did
ANYONE get my summary of PS#2? There were no responses to it].

Anyway. Here's a hint. Check out Sally carefully in 1 and two... It gives
some clues as to what's going on.

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