Tolouse's Story, Part 1.

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Tolouse's Story
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

This story is protected by copyright laws. Feel free to distribute this
story, but the author does not allow any unauthorized alteration of the
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Part 1.

5/13/3224, early evening.

     Jean was nervous. Tonight was supposed to be a big night. The
Great War was finally over, and the King was throwing a celebration to,
among other things, congratulate the Minister of War, Julian, and
reappoint him as Minister of Science. Jean, who was a member of the
Palace Guard, had been asked, along with several others, to work late
this evening to watch over the ceremonies. It was supposed to be a
joyous occasion, but still, Jean was nervous. There was something that
just was not right. Julian had seemed less than enthusiastic about his
change of jobs lately, and Jean had felt tension mounting.
     Jean stood his post, looking out over the city, when he noticed
something that made his heart stop. A huge fleet of hovercraft, flying
ships of all shapes and sizes, were headed straight for the palace!
     "Gods of Mobius!" he thought. "What is that?"
     A few minutes later, he had an answer. At the same time, all hell
broke loose.

* * *

     Shirley, Jean's beloved wife and a pretty 25-year-old brown-furred
fox, was busy scrolling through today's e-mail when the telecommunicator
buzzed. She pressed the answer button, and her "handsome fox of a
husband" appeared on the screen.
     "Hey, honey, how's the---"
     "Listen, Shirley. Something's happened. I can't explain it, but
get out of the city. Get Tolouse, get the neighbors if you can, but do
it quickly. I repeat, GET OUT OF THE CITY!!"
     Shirley saw a look of fear that she had never seen before in her
husband's face. "Jean, what is it?"
     "Just do it now! Julian has gone insane, and..."
     Jean was interrupted by a huge crash behind him, and by a robotic
voice saying "You are under arrest."
     "GET OUT OF THE CITY, PLEASE!" Jean shouted. "GET OUT---" and the
screen went dead.

     Shirley could not believe what she just saw, but she had no reason
to doubt Jean, especially after looking into his eyes, petrified with
fear. She quickly got up from the console and ran to Tolouse's room.
     "Honey, wake up!" she said, but before he could respond she already
had her 4-year-old son cradled in her arms, and was running out the
     "Mommy, what's wrong?"
     "No time, baby. We've got to leave."
     Right as she opened the front door, an immense explosion rocked the
city. She looked out and in the distance, she saw the palace, falling
to pieces. "Jean!" she screamed. But there was no time to wonder what
on Mobius was going on. All around her, people stared at the palace in
utter confusion.
     Shirley tried to make her voice as firm as possible. "Everybody,
listen! We've got to get out of here! My hovercar, now!"
     "Shirley, do you know---"
     "NOW! Jean said something's happened at the palace, but I don't
want to be here to find out! Are you with me?"
     Most of the people who heard her followed her to the hovercar.
Shirley had been fortunate that Jean got one with plenty of storage
space to transport the various projects he was always working on. Now
it would be a means of escape for many people.
     About 20 bodies were compacted into the storage space when somebody
noticed something approaching. "Shirley, we've got company! Gun it!"
     Shirley looked over and saw a whole army of robot patrollers coming
up the road, followed by angry-looking hovercraft she had never seen
before. The robot patrollers (whom would later be known as the infamous
SWAT-Bots) were grabbing every person they could and stowing them in the
hovercraft. With the doors still open, Shirley maxed the accelerator,
and the hovercar rose in the air and zoomed down the street. Down
below, she could hear the cries of the people, who had seen the robot
patrollers and now saw her hovercar, begging to be taken. There was no
time. She closed the doors in bitter heartbreak.
     "Mommy?" Shirley looked down and saw Tolouse sitting in her lap,
eyes wide and full of fear. He looked just like his father did. "It's
okay, honey. It's okay." She did not believe it herself, but she could
not think of anything else to tell him.
     Right then, somebody screamed, "Shirley! Look ahead!"
     About 200 feet ahead, several robot patrollers were standing in the
street, forming a roadblock. There was no way around them! Shirley
knew she couldn't stop now. She gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and
maxed the accelerator.
     A robotic voice said, "Halt your vehicle by order of---"
     The hovercar lurched wildly, and several windows shattered, but the
hovercar remained intact and in the air. Behind them, the frightened
occupants heard laser fire, but by some miracle the hovercar made it
through to the city limits, speeding towards the Great Forest.
     Tolouse was crying, as was several of the occupants of the
hovercar. By now Shirley was too dazed to do anything but drive, hoping
they would reach safety. Wherever that was.

As nighttime approached, the hovercar sped along through the Great

* * *

     Jean was one of the first citizens of Mobotropolis to be
roboticized that night. Julian's (now Ivo Robotnik) coup had been a
success, and his tyrannical rule had begun.

to be continued

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