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   I just thought up another explanation of Mobius. (That's right. I was
reading a message and it popped right into my head.) Mobius could be in the
same universe as us, just different Big Bang. I realized, after talking to
many people, that almost everybody who believes in the Big Bang theory
believes that we are living in the first bang.
   The universe began as an infinitely tiny, infinitely dense, infintely hot
blob of matter, then it exploded. Soon, gravity will take over and the
universe will pull itself back together and everytbody will die a horrbile,
agonizing death. Then what? Then it heats up and blows up again, of course.
 So how many more times is this going to happen? Infinitely many, I would
think. (Unless somebody invents a super death ray that actually gets rid of
matter.) More importantly, how many times has it happened already? Who
knows? Until we can actually measure how old matter is, there's no way to
tell. It could be the first, but then again, it could be any positive whole
number. For all anybody knows, this could be the googolplexth (?) time the
Big Bang occured. Or ten raised to the power googolplex. Or more! (What's
the third number before infinity?)


   "The trick is to make sure that nobody understands what I'm talking about
after the first thirty seconds, that way I'm free to go up and do what I
   -Adrian Stephens, Technical Director, Sega Technical Institute

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