Tolouse's Story, Part 0.

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Tolouse's Story
A Sonic the Hedgehog story
by Kris Kelley

This story is protected by copyright laws. Feel free to distribute this
story, but the author does not allow any unauthorized alteration of the
story or distrubition for profit.

Part 0.

Author's credits, "thank you"s, legal jargon, and whatever else happened
to enter my head...

Welcome to my first Sonic story. The plot for this has been in my head
for quite some time now, but unfortunately I had not seen the show until
recently, and I did not want to risk contradicting too many details, or
even write something blatantly wrong.

Le'see, "thank you"s go to the creators of the Sonic the Hedgehog
mailing list for getting me into this mess :), and to SEGA, Archie, and
DiC for starting the whole thing to begin with :).

A BIG "thank you" to David Pistone for being kind enough to give me
access to the cartoon show. This and future stories would not have been
possible without it.

Parts of this story are based on my FurToonia adventures as "Tolouse."
Thanks to David "Bookshire" Pistone and Dan "Sonic" Ramos for the
inspiration. "Hello"s also go to Todd, Tyro, and whoever else plays
there that might read this :).

Please send questions and to:

All characters depicted herein are the creation and property of Service
and Games (SEGA) and/or Archie Publications and/or DiC except for the
Shirley, Jean, Tolouse, and other various characters: created and owned
     by Kris Kelley.
Bookshire: created and owned by David Pistone.

Historian's Note: The conclusion of this story takes place well before
the time depicted in the cartoon, but after events chronicled in the
stories "Bunnie Rabbot," and "Tails' Tale."

Okay, enough rambling, on with Part 1...

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