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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 95 16:49:30 -0500

     Near the end of 'The Void' Nagus declares that he
and King Acorn have spent 'too much time in the Void'
and are therefore unable to leave without it trying to
suck their lifeforce back in. Nagus declares that he
can control, and therefore presumably reverse, this
process - but only from inside the void. Please note
that there is no reason to assume that ANY of this
applies to any continuity other than that of the
Saturday Morning Cartoon. In the case of the Archie
comic, this is confused by the serious lack of
continuity between issues as they switch to a format
which seems to more and more resemble the Saturday
episodes. In any case, Ari, Sonic, and the girls are
immune simply because they haven't been there very
long. Due to the highly questionable continuity
between first and second seasons, it's impossible to
say just how long the King had been there.

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