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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 17:14:28 +0500

>..... Please note
>that there is no reason to assume that ANY of this
>applies to any continuity other than that of the
>Saturday Morning Cartoon. In the case of the Archie
>comic, this is confused by the serious lack of
>continuity between issues as they switch to a format
>which seems to more and more resemble the Saturday

That's exactly how I've come to view this whole mess of
continuity ... the games, books, shows, and comics are
all different stories with the same characters. There are
some major similarities, but on the whole, each makes much
more sense if read/viewed seperately. Otherwise, arguements
start to arise over what's the "real" story and not...(Id est - species
arguements, roboticizer arguements, character arguments, plotline and
continuity arguments, etc., etc.) {any of this sound familliar?} ;)

> In any case, Ari, Sonic, and the girls are
>immune simply because they haven't been there very
>long. Due to the highly questionable continuity
>between first and second seasons, it's impossible to
>say just how long the King had been there.
> Way Too Busy,
> Mouse

Well, ignoring the 1500 year time lapse between the 2
seasons, The King would have been in the Void 11 years.
(time of coup to present time)

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