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From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 15:52:04 -0500 (EST)

> If I recall the episode summary correctly, Sonic at point allowed himself
> to get sucked into The Void. If that is indeed correct, escape must be
> possible or Sonic would still be there. Of course, he wasn't in as long
> as the King was. But if Sonic knew how to escape himself, when did he
> find out and how? It must have been shortly before that episode;
> otherwise, the King would have been rescued (possibly in time) prior to
> that episode.
> The Sally mini-series #1 gets around the issue by saying that no one is
> certain of his fate now.

In fact, "The Void" had a few gaping plotholes in it, and viability
outside the Void is one of them. Both the King and Naugus began to
crystallize once they were back on Mobius because they had "stayed too
long" in the Void. Ari, however, was able to get out with no ill
effects. As to their means of escape: Sonic can run fast. End of
explanation. His speed is apparently enough to counter the pull into
the Void. Like I said, major plothole.

> I was going to have a reference to him in the story I am co-writing, but
> now I'm not so sure I can do it (the reference, the story's still in
> progress).
> I don't really have anything to base this on, but I get the feeling Sally
> would be content with (if not preferring) he reclaim the throne unless he
> asked her to take his place. Any speculation on what he would want to do?
> It might be better to spin this off into another thread, but what should
> become of Robotnik after his final defeat (assuming he is not killed in
> action)? Any chance Sonic, Sally, and the King might even agree on what
> to do with him?

At the time the stories are being played out, remember, Sally has not
yet "come of age" and won't for another two years (cf. "Drood Henge.")
Assuming it's part of the Mobian constitution, the King would still be
the legitimate power unless someone else were to be appointed as regent
if the King felt he couldn't rule. In any event, Sal's going to have to
be patient.

As for Robotnik, I don't see him surrendering under any circumstances.
A fight to the (real or presumed) death is most likely.

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