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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 95 21:16:08 CST

> But do you like our new artist, Patrick Spaziante?...

I guess I'm not much of an art critic because I happen to like the way
just about everyone has drawn Sonic in the Archie comics. As long as
they don't screw up Rotor like they did in Sonic's 2nd season (on ABC)
I'll probably be happy.

I do notice what I guess I can call a 'mildly disturbing trend' in the
Archie comics though. It seems that all new characters aren't nearly
as 'abstract' as the originals.

> Re: Notes from the Net

Even though I don't get this alt group (we never get any of those good ones..
we DO get all the<nude-lewd-and-crude> groups :-/

I like the idea of having a 'Notes from the Net' section in the Archie comics.
I doubt you'd be able to print the large essays which folks seem to like to
post on the net though :)

> Re: All those COOL sonic stories

Keep up the good work everyone. Yipes! 12 parts to Bloodlines? That's
turning into a real novel there.

> Dan Drazen's spelling of 'Lupee'

I've sometimes seen accents put 'after' the letter when trying to type
them in ASCII...
  e.g. [ Lupe' ] or [ Lupe` ] I forget which one's a 'grave' accent.

> Dan's FAQ

Here's a suggestion. I was thinking it might be better if show and comic
story summaries were placed in a separate file .. perhaps only a list of
all the show titles (and writers) would be in the FAQ itself.

> JF's FAQ

Erich had mentioned that this FAQ (mine) hasn't been updated in quite a while.
That's true.. I typed it up in a weekend and kinda gave it up when I noticed
that Dan's FAQ was more complete (and that I really didn't have the extra time
to keep it up). I STILL am trying to work out a summary of the Archie comic
stories (which I finally completed my collection of them).. Thanks to Craig
Moore and Archie's 'Sonic Back-Issue Offer'

Well.. now that I got all that out of my system.. I notice as I type this
I've gotten a few new Sonic stories in my e-mail box.

"Margarine!!! Ha ha ha ha!" -- Snively

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