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Date: Sun, 19 Mar 95 23:51:52 -0500

Somewhere between 165 and 225 unread! Lord, that took
forever to sort through. Anyway - as for the royal
status of Sonic on Mobius, I figure Sally wouldn't have
let their relationship go this far publically if she
didn't think marrying him was a possibility. Nor,
under the circumstances, do I think that conventional
formalities are going to prevent him from taking any
title she feels is appropriate - but I doubt seriously
he'll ever take any significant role in government.
Although it's really hard to say - much of his
attitude is shaped by the role he's forced to be in at
the moment. Given a few years, he could be almost as
active a ruler as Sally.
     I took latin, too! I don't remember if her name
was a long or short 'a' in English. It'd be rendered
either Lupa or Lupae. I think 'Lupa' because that's
the way I had it stored in my head.

                                Too Tired To Say More,

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