Re: Notes from the net (fwd)

From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 1995 23:53:27 +1000

I like the name-- it avoids that ghastly "cyber-" prefix.

IMHO, contacting posters and just asking their permission seems the
best way to go. Having only recently been quoted unawares in a
[undergroundish] magazine myself, I would have really appreciated
being told beforehand, as the original message makes me sound like
a near-illiterate dweeb. :)

(How about a complimentary selected issue of the comic for anyone
who gets published? :) And it might be something worth mentioning
in the FAQ(s) that the comic guys are trolling* for column space..)

(* so I'm being glib-- Roboticize me. :)

PS: Still no sign of a.f.s-h in any of the Australian newsfeeds..

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