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The following is an article captured from the Sonic newsgroup so those of
you without access to the group will still have a chance to read this
article. The article proposes a new cyber-section for Archie's Sonic comics.

Posted to the mailing list by request.

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Subject: Notes from the net in Sonic Comic?
Date: 14 Mar 1995 15:24:27 -0500
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Hi, gang:

Paul Castiglia from Archie Comics, here. After seeing all the comments
abiout our Sonic comic, it got me thinking: what if we started a special
sub-section on our "Sonic Grams" letter page designated, "Notes From The
Net." We would print your comments and your e-mail address on the Sonic
letters page, so if others wanted to converse with you via e-mail, they
could-- and to encourage people to join this newsgroup. Let me know what
you think of this idea. If enough people respond favorably, we'll
institute it. From then on, if you send a comment about our comics,
please preface it with the heading, *********NOT FOR NOTES FROM THE
NET**********if you don't want it published; and *********FOR NOTES FROM
THE NET******** if you do....

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