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>[NOP!]...Lord Chaos on an episode of Disney's Aladdin
>(in that incarnation: a cat with an Egyptian collar and
>voice by Matt Frewer).

   I've only seen that a few times and never ran into Lord Chaos. But

>Chaos lived to disrupt routine and order and predictability.
>I got very much the same feel from Gabe.

   I guess you could say that.

>[NOP!] the character's...amorality.

   And finally, to keep the "spoiler" tradition:

>Is he referring to Tails himself, or to the computer with
>which he read the message (in this case, Nicole)?

   Gabe wanted Tails to find it, and he did. According to the story, you
don't know what Tails did about it (if Nicole was XOR-ed to hell or if Tails
corrected the problem) but Nicole was the one infected.


   "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
   -Arthur Clarke

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