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>From Sonic The Hedgehog.....

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 wrote:

> I already made a reply to the article in the newsgroup. I'm making a
> similar reply here now.
> One proposal I made is that Archie Comics start an AOL section comparable
> to the one "Disney Adventures" already has, and that they might want to
> have Archie's entire comics line (not just Sonic) represented. I also
> noted that I would not be participating as I am not an AOL subscriber.
> There was favorable response to this idea.
        That would be a acceptable move as long as we, the internet
community also regains accessiblity to the very pages of Archie's
> For those without AOL access, perhaps Ratman would be willing to accept
> some Sonic-related files at his ftp site. I can make shorter text files
> of general interest available through the mailing list software.
        I second this idea, provided Ratman has space in his account.

> I also said that the "Notes From the Net" sounds like a good idea and is
> worth a try, as long as they're prepared to get questions like "how do I
> send e-mail to John Doe?" and "how do I access the newsgroup?".
        Theres a lot to do and we will succeed in the long run, I believe.
I believe that Archie Comic Publications, has a lot to benefit from the
internet community and has much to learn from us, who subscribe to the comic.

[article on letter printing ideals deleted]

        I support very much the idea of putting a Net-GRAMS in the section
after the SONIC-Grams and advocate the idea for the other publications
that Archie Publications runs. My TEN Mobiums worth.

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