Species Arguments

From: Dan Drazen <drazen_at_andrews.edu>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 11:22:18 -0500 (EST)

Ich bin ein Mobian!

...or something like that. Anyway, thought I'd clear up a few points:

I was asked by Ron Bauerle, now that I have introduced the character of
Sally's mother in "Bloodlines," as to the mother's species. I haven't
found a neat way to work it into the narrative without making it sound
like I shoehorned it in. Still, I DO have 8 more chapters to go.
Anyway, I belong to the "Sally Takes After Her Mother" school of thought
so (IMHO) Queen Alicia was, like her daughter, a ground squirrel.

Yet that raised another question for me: how would a Mobian answer the
question? Do they see themselves as distinct species, or are what we
call "species" to them merely what we'd call "races"? If you asked a
Mobian "What are you?" you might be more likely to hear "Mobian" than "A
rabbit/fox/whatever." It would go a long way toward explaining what
we'd label interspecies mating (cf. the finale of "Sally's Quest" from
_In Your Face_ #1).

Robotics: I'll be giving a more detailed explanation in the course of
Bloodlines, Chapter 6, but it would appear that there is organic life
under there. I have trouble with the notion of a being becoming totally
mechanized; seems to me that at least some of the organs and systems
would be intact but "exploited" by the mechanics in a host-parasite
relationship. It would help explain, for instance, how Uncle Chuck
could have retained his old personality.

Favorite characters: depends on my mood. Sally has to get the nod
simply because she's the classiest one of the bunch, at least as far as
the animated show was concerned. It may be too early to notice, but in
my heart of hearts I have high hopes for Rosie becoming a fave if the
comics writers continue on. I've always felt that Knothole needed an
*eminence grise* to keep the young whippersnappers in line ;-) , and
Rosie could fill that role nicely.

Later today I'll try to sweet-talk the computer center into installing
NETSCAPE on my machine; then maybe I can find out what all the fanart
fuss has been about.

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