Archie Princess Sally Miniseries #2

From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 95 15:39:04 CST

Well.. Either everyone's too busy talking about theories of time travel
and who their best character is to notice.. but the next installment of
the Princess Sally Miniseries "Deadliest of the Species" is in.
(At least I got it at my local comic shop yesterday)

For those interested we seem to have the same bunch...

Cover: Art Mawhinney and D'Agostino
Script: Mike Kanterovich & Ken Penders
Pencils: Art Mawhinney
Inks: Rich Kislowski
Letters: Mindy Eisman
Colors: Barry Grossman
Editor: Scott Fulop
Managing Director: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Cheif: Richard Goldwater (as always)

Sploilers ahead...
[warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning warning]

Quick Recap of Part I

Here we meet Sally and the 'Freedom Fighters: The Next Generation' (FF:TNG).
( Hamlin [pig], Penelope [platypus], Arlo [armadillo], Dylan [porcupine?] )
Sally meets 'Former Secret Agent Geoffery St. John' [skunk]' while trying
to destroy the first of three energy substations needed to cripple
Robotnik's defensive Net. St. John joins the group and he helps take out
the 2nd substation. The FF:TNG don't like his additude though (especially
Hamlin). Sally trusts St. John and belives in his ability to help the group.

At the end of Part I however... we see St. John wander off while everyone
is asleep... 'teleport' to a laboratory somewhere, and look what appears
to be a duplicate of Sally in a chamber.

Now for Part II

We open with Hamlin and Geoffery in another spat. Sally breaks it up and
tells Geoffery that they've gotta work together as a team instead of fighting
against each other. Afterwards they prepare to take on the third substation.

Its inside an atoll* so they hang-glide their way in. On their approach
Arlo's glider is shot and he crashes in the trees. After landing, they
find Arlo on the ground with a broken leg. Penelope stays with him as the
others go to the substation.

( * An atoll is a ringlike island that encloses a lagoon )
      -- Webster & the Miniseries Editors.

They get in easily but as they're setting up explosives, Sally is caught
by one of Robotnik's Octo-Pods. Hamlin and Dylan try to discract the
octo-pod and also get caught. Geoffery uses the distraction to plant an
explosive under the octo-pod. Sally, Hamlin and Dylan are let go when
Sally sprays paint in the the octo-pod's eyes. They all escape in the
nick of time.

They return to where they left Arlo and Penelope and find them missing
(no sign of trouble and no tracks leading anywhere). Sally figures if
they left under their own will or not.. its a sign of trouble and should
get the others out of there. Hours later, back at camp, Arlo and Penelope
haven't returned.

Shortly before dawn, while the others are asleep, we see St John taking
Sally with her (she's asleep).. teleporting to that lab as before.. and
placing Sally in a chamber identicle to the one we saw the 'other' Sally.
St. John contacts Central Command (Robotnik) and tells him of his success
in gaining the FF:TNG's trust and exchanging Sally.

The next morning we see Sally (the duplicate), Hamlin and Dylan ready to
raid Robotropolis.. Hamlin wonders about St. John but Sally doesn't seem
worried about him....

Meanwhile... St. John is bringing Sally (in the chamber) to Robotnik.
Robotnik figures with the Sally-duplicate in place, the others are
sure to fall into his trap and after Sally's been Roboticized, the
rebellion will fall. All part of the Master Plan of Ivo Robotnik!


Well.. this brings up some interesting questions:
  Which side is Geoffery St. John on?
  What happened to Arlo and Penelope?
  What's Robotnik's EVIL(tm) plan?

My comments in another post.

"Margarine!!! Ha ha ha ha!" -- Snively

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