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Er - Jeff, as far as I can tell, though I'm not keeping
count, Sonic's got like half the votes. Or only
slightly less than Tails, at least. Seems odd, really.
Tails I can understand, but I really have no idea what
anbody could see in Sonic.
     As for Ronnie's overview, I personally agree with
it except for one thing - the accents could actually
last quite some time, or even be recreated. After 500
years it becomes rather unlikely, but far from
impossible. And the colonists would have to have been
there for a while, at least, because Nicole refers to
the Wolf Pack's culture as 'ancient'. Of course, she
might be referring to their derivations back on
earth... but most likely, they were simply one of the
first cultures built up by the colonists, and have
retained their integrity. Which as I've said before
makes me wonder if the Great War wasn't against Earth.
Besides, the tall vs. dwarf trait in the populations
seems to be a simple mendelian trait, (implying that
Sally's mother was dwarf, but not requiring it). For
this to be true of ALL these species, which it seems to
be (and even the humans! Robotnik is tall, and Snively
is dwarf.) would almost certainly require that they be
genetically engineered. Ditto interbreeding of any

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