Re: Where is everyone?

From: Chris Baird <>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 23:35:33 +1000

> I kind of like to poll a question to all on the list. Which of
> the freedom fighters is your favorit?

Princess Sally. If there where the Cartoon equivalent of the
Emmys/Logies, I'd vote her for "Best Female" in any cartoon...
(I'll puke if I see one more all-American debutant. :/ Bunnie
would get my nomination of 'most deserving of more character
development and exposure' though. :)


PS: For the "Is Mobius a Future Earth?" thread-- how else could
you explain the very thick American accents? :)

PSS: Can't lurk much these days.. Moved house, and my favourite CGA
monitor caught fire. :( Btw, no non-xposted traffic for a.f.s-h
has appeared in any of the Australian newsfeeds...

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