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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 19:10:44 +0500

>>[NOP!]...Mobius is the 'Earth' of another universe (similar,
>>but not completely parallel)...
>[good point deleted]
> And since each star could have just about any number of planets orbiting it
>(only a few cabable of sustaining life I would think), the chances that we,
>on Earth, are the only intelligent life form in the entire universe are
>(rounded up to the nearest hundred-quintillionth decimal place) about 0.
> However, Mobius could very well be somewhere else.
> -B.B.

I am of the mind set that Mobius (and the whole Sonic story) is a social
commentary of what we, the intelligent species known as humans, are doing to
our beloved planet. If you watch almost any one of the Sonic eps., the
theme has to do with the Freedom Fighters thwarting Robotnik's plan to
destroy some part of Mobius. Whether it was acid rain in "super-sonic" or
the doomsday machine in "doomsday project", it was always an issue of saving
the environment. That makes this a very politically correct cartoon which
reflects us as a society. That is what almost all cartoons are -
reflections of ourselves. From the dates set in the show, we COULD say that
Mobius is an Earth of the future, we COULD say it is another planet in our
galaxy, or we COULD say it is in another realm entirely.

The point I'm trying to make (i think) is that you can make a case for this
story taking place in any of these places...the goal is to choose one and go
with it!
(this threed is getting very long and boring)

I had a very lengthy discussion about this subject a few months ago with
another Sonic fan, and after sorting out all the facts, figures, and
characters in the show, we ended up deciding that Mobius was in fact an
Earth of the future.
(which explains my bias in this post)

Another point: this is a work of fan fiction - loosen up and have fun with
it. I could
post the lengthy discussion I had about the Mobius/Earth equality, but I
won't in order for whoever (whomever) is writing this story to make up
his/her mind on these points...if all else fails, write something completely

Well, that's my two cents (and you get what you pay for) ;)
Jeffrey Pegnato

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