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> >[NOP!]...Mobius is the 'Earth' of another universe (similar,
> >but not completely parallel)...
> The universe is big. When you look into the sky at night and see those
> millions (billions?) of stars, those are only in our galaxy. Keep in mind
> that there are millions (billions?) of other galaxies. This means that there
> are anywhere from 1000000000000 to 1000000000000000000 stars in our univese.
> And since each star could have just about any number of planets orbiting it
> (only a few cabable of sustaining life I would think), the chances that we,
> on Earth, are the only intelligent life form in the entire universe are
> (rounded up to the nearest hundred-quintillionth decimal place) about 0.
> However, Mobius could very well be somewhere else.

The universe is indeed, a big place. Here's a very logical argument you
can use to prove that we are not alone in the universe.

Set up a simple program that will pick a number between one and two (heads
or tails). On every planet in the universe, the bottom line is that it
has life or it doesn't. Set the program to choose the one or two about
10000000000000000000000 times, or any large number like that and then
have it tell you how many times it came up one and how many times it came
up two. The first time it comes up one is okay, that would represent the
planet Earth.

Be honest, how many people think that you could run this program and have
it come up one only once. The odds of that happening are larger than a
human can imagine. there's life out there somewhere . . .

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