Re: The Bad News/Sonic movie

From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 09:29:00 PST

>Besides, now that the animated "canon" is officially closed (at least
>until the release of a motion picture...hope, hope), that makes my job
>as keeped of the FAQ File a little easier.

Well, there was a movie planned, and it was going to be a live-action film
(ahhh!). The script, submitted by MGM, was reviewed here by most of STI's
Sonic team, as well as Sega execs. IMHO, it was a pretty bad idea from the
get-go, and so thankfully it didn't get approval. However, I'm not sure if
the project was shelved for the time being, or if the script folks are "back
at the drawing board."

We've finally finished moving into our new space (and there's lots of it!).
 After our network connection was re-established, I opened my mail to find
just a load of messages from friends on this mailing list. Wow! Nearly 100
messages just from the list! :) I can see you've all been busy... ;-)


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