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From: James Firmiss <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 12:28:53 CST

> Dan, The weekday show is STILL a sonic show. Wather you (Or anyone) likes it
> or not, it's still part of the sonic line-up. I watch it for tails but I
> still watch it. If your going to make your faq file as compleat as possable
> then you need to add info about the weekday show as well. What does everyone
> else think?

I've only seen a few of these weekday episodes because Madison only has 5
regular channels** with no independant stations [I saw em while visiting
Chicago.. over twice as many channels]

I'm not sure if the plots were consistant enough to make plot summaries
(maybe a few lines like I'm doing with the comic book plots). At least a
listing of these shows might be useful for collectors.

I heard it does has some fun inside jokes...

   Sonic covers up Scratch's eye's from behind, "Guess who!"
   Scratch thinks about it and replies, "Ummm.. That Urkle kid?"

> Craig / Tails "Happy Fun Fox"

** CBS and UBN have to share WISC - Channel 3. We get no WB network
   shows .. from what I hear about them, I'm not missing much.

    "I need a new .sig" - me
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